About Us

Labor of Love


The Humble Hemp Shack is a homegrown, locally owned shop. We are a family business here at The Shack. Every step of the process to open our shop has been helped along by family, friends, even friends of friends. From the stories of how CBD has helped different loved ones, to the encouragement from our son with the BIG ideas, everyone has given a little piece of themselves to make The Shack a reality. There have been many late nights, blood, sweat and tears. This has been a true Labor of Love. Love for family, friends and community. So, we humbly present, The Humble Hemp Shack. 

All about YOU !!


We are about family and community here at The Shack, but we are also about knowing our product. We have combed through hours upon hours of testimonials, research and reviews to bring to you some of the highest quality CBD products for your healing needs. From bath bombs, to pet treats, to concentrates and everything in between, we have something for everyone. It is our goal to make sure every one of our customers leave feeling comfortable and knowledgeable about the products they have purchased. At The Shack, it is all about YOU.  


Bang, Bang, Bang on the door!


A few final things to know about The Shack. We have something for Everyone. It doesn't matter what your age ( legally of course !) , CBD product need or even if you walk on two or four legs, we have something for you. 

  We are also one stop shopping. Yes! I said One Stop Shopping ! At least when it comes to high quality CBD products and accessories. Don't believe me? Well, come in and check us out. Everyone is welcome at The Shack!